Milk of Lime: A Wardrobe Based on Moon Calendar

Photography by @lalo.eva @julballardt and @nico_verhaegen
Models: @__moremi11 @nelevisschers @frederiklovric @alynehasdrinkingproblem
Styling: @ohcharlz
HM: @sanneschoofs & @themakeuproombelgium


Milk of Lime is the German-Belgian designduo that works and thrives in rural Germany. With a multi-faceted approach in craftsmanship, pattern cutting and fabric combination, Milk of Lime searches ways to unite exquisite elegance with honest earthiness. In order to suggest an alternative to the common fashion calendar, this brand orientates itself on nature’s moon calendar. To celebrate each full moon, a new drop is released consisting of a season-themed cotton jacquard sweater, accompanied by a small series of garments and one-of-a-kind accessories. Inclusion of rare fabrics and elements brings emotional value to contemporary designs and refined finishings. Milk of Lime understands its identity as a garden in which the odd can exist next to respected traditions.

December’s full moon carries the name ‘Long night’s moon’ and reveals a vibrant knit, white shirts and a sensual take on printed jute. Find out more about Milk of Lime via or on @milk_of_lime via Instagram.