Our first collection, " FLOR DE SANTIDAD" was very significant in getting the message of our vision to our customers. We're here to inspire and make you remember how worth you are to live that life you dream about before you fall asleep every night. 
The new age definition of God has gone viral. Well maybe it's just the collective consciousness I've manifested my own world to be, but let me tell you what it is. God is you. God is your "higher self". There are no fixed rules as to how to live your life by God himself, you can find God within yourself because you are the creator of your own life experiences.
  After days of meditation, and healing I've set out lots of unconditional love and received it back, and found that it was important to get the following message from my higher self across.
Wear your heart on your sleeve, lace represents love. To me, that statement means to live life the way your heart desires. To know what your soul genuinely desires, you must think of what the feeling of what you're trying to manifest brings you - do you love yourself more? do you feel more confident? can the happiness it brings you be shared with others just by seeing you have that? It's time to let go of fear, and allow your heart to lead you to your highest potential - not what your mom or dad or teacher that was so hard on you in 10th grade has been nagging you about. It's time to realize your genuine happiness that is deep routed in the soul is waiting for you to take the steps. 
From making music to designing the coolest new video game- if someone has criticized you, realize now that this is the time to know how invincible you are when you follow the heart. The glow will show from the inside out and that will be your gift- to inspire. 
We interpreted this message in our line through using such a delicate lace fabric which represents unconditional, true love to be worn in every piece. Every piece of your life should include a piece of your heart - now that is how to live right. 
Photographer: Martie Hechanova 
Creatives and stylist: Juan coy Pamintuan / Anael Domingo
H/MUA: Maureen Posadas / Stephanie Parker 
Model: Oleg Kasynets / Kingston Cheng 
Designer: Jair Castillo / Yue Shi 
Editor: Allie Bitanga