Dear Artist,

U3, along with the Ukraine sustainable fashion brand, MASHAT, is pleased to announce a multicultural exhibition supporting the Ukrainian (bright) community.


Named the Unified Field, echoing the latest MASHAT collection, this exhibition is a way to reconnect and bring together local and global communities for a one-of-a-kind exposition that will emphasize the unique mosaics of cultures and multi-ethnic contributions. It will encompass creators working in various fields, from fashion to graphic design, photography to music - everyone is welcomed. 


All of the art objects to be displayed during the Unified Field exhibition will be sold in support of UA LGBTQI+ movement and the UA Artist community, who are on the frontlines of the bright and safe future: the one each of us deserves.


The event will be accompanied by UA artist Nikita's live modular synth play, with a special guest to perform during the evening time.

U3, 129 Ossington Avenue
Thursday, April 28, 2022

1) Contribute new artworks made specifically for this occasion.
2) Contribute existing items/artworks of your own.

3) Contribute unique pieces from your private collections.
A web platform will be provided, with the option of NFT art sales.
** Your current pieces available at U3 will be contributed from U3's end, if selected, and the donation will be deducted from U3's profit. Due to the spacial limit 

50 % of the profit goes to donations to support the LGBTQI+ movement and artists in Ukraine, while 50% goes straight to the artist.

You can present your paintings, art books, photographs, textile creations, or posters to express your solidarity with UA artistic and Queer communities and grow cultural connections for further collaborations and creations.

To find out more details, or send your proposals please reach us any time.
Let's make a difference together.

Kind regards,